Finding the right tool for your needs is a challenge often made more difficult by bosses demanding to know how many production problems this new tool is going to prevent or worse still demanding the tool meet your departments every need.

Below is a list of tools that won't do everything, but should be easy enough to justify to your boss.


A well known tool in the industry with a large scope and extensive help. Spotlight is particulary useful in helping pinpoint problems. Lots of Red, Green and Amber flashing screens that your boss will find really impressive. Would benefit immensely by having better advice on what to do once a problem has been highlighted.


Another well known tool from quest. This is a great tool for managing environments and reverse engineering DDL. Loaded with great features, such as schema comparrisons, DDL generation, healthchecks and database browsers. A must for all DBAs.

SQL Developer

Oracles answer to toad and its free. Given Oracle don't give much away this has made it on to the list. That said, if money is no issue, get toad.

A List of Tools Compiled by Ben Brumm

If you know of a tool that should be listed here or indeed believe their is a tool listed here and shouldn't be, then moc.liamelgoog|ikiwelcaro#.hcuot ni teg
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