Disable Automatic Quarantine


As with many Oracle features, especially when they are first introduced, you may want to disable the automatic nature of that feature. Foe example, adaptive query, baseline collection and evolve or in this case automatic SQL quarantine. A more manual approach is often preferred whilst as a DBA you build confidence in the features usage and behaviour.

This article explains how to disable the automatic quarantine feature as pre Metalink article 2635030.1


The fix of Unpublished Bug 30104721 introduces 2 parameters from Version and later

* optimizer_capture_sql_quarantine

If the above parameter is set to FALSE, then automatic creation of SQL Quarantine configurations is disabled in the event resource manager terminates a SQL statement. Default value is FALSE.

* optimizer_use_sql_quarantine

If the above parameter is set to FALSE, then the usage of existing SQL Quarantine configurations in a database is disabled. The default value of this parameter is TRUE.


By setting the first paramter to FALSE and the second to TRUE, it allows for the maunal creation and usage of SQL Quarantine configurations.

Published 1st April 2022

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