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Oracle OpenWorld 2010
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Register now for Oracle OpenWorld 2010 and get $200 off the OpenWorld registration. With more than 1,800 sessions, 400 partner exhibits, and hundreds of demos to explore, you're sure to discover new ways to optimize your systems…

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
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Register now for the live webcast and join Oracle President Charles Phillips and Oracle Senior Vice President Richard Sarwal for the launch of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g.

The First OLTP Database Machine
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Introducing version 2 of the world's fastest database machine: The Sun Oracle Database Machine. The new database machine goes beyond data warehousing to also deliver extreme performance and scalability for online transaction processing applications (OLTP).

Oracle Databases can be Hacked Remotely?
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According to Reuters, a computer security expert has uncovered what he says are flaws in widely used software from Oracle Corp that could let hackers remotely access sensitive information.

Oracle OpenWorld
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Registration has opened for this years Oracle OpenWorld held at the Moscone Centre, San Francisco. This years event will run from the 11th to 15th October 2009 and you can register at the above link. Early registration recommended.

Oracle Licence Increases
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Oracle databases and Oracle application server software licence fees are increasing by 15 to 20 percent, although BEA WebLogic customers are hit hardest with increases of 47 percent.

Oracle Virtualization
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Read Dan Kusnetzky chat with Oracle’s vice president of Linux engineering, Wim Coekaerts and senior director of product marketing, Monica Kumar, about Oracles virtualization efforts and a bit about the philosophy behind the company’s efforts.

Oracle Critical Patch Update
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Oracle posted 41 patches in April as part of its regular quarterly patching cycle, with core database vulnerabilities being heavily represented. Find out more here.

Oracle Gets Bigger
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Oracle continues to increase its share of the database market. It now has a hold on 44.1% of the total market.

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