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I have recently recieved the following update from Oracle on Grid Control 11. I have not had time to investigate this, but thought it would be useful to paste the contents here for people to review. Please pay particular attention to the note at the end of the document.

Going forward I hope to incorporate this informatiion into the main documentation.

Notification from Oracle

I would like inform you about New Auto Update feature in the 11.1 Grid Control Installer. This feature allows the latest recommended patches to be automatically deployed while installing a fresh 11.1 Grid control or while upgrading an existing Grid control to 11.1 version.
These auto updates ensure that any patches required by the oracle installer or for successful installation/upgrade of the product are applied before the actual installation or upgrade process. It ensures that there are no failed installations or upgrades from known issues.

Oracle highly recommends using this feature to ensure that any new or upgraded Enterprise Manager installation is successful

To know more about usage and benefits of this feature Refer to :

1. Note.1101208.1 Required Patches for Grid Control 11g ( on Linux
2. Note.1099123.1 Overview of the "Auto Update" Feature Available with Grid Control 11g Install/Upgrade
3. Refer to this PDF
4. Use Install forum to place your queries

Note:- If you have downloaded and installed your Grid control before15th May 2010 then we recommend you to apply this Generic Agent patch 9676134 on all your target boxes. Refer to the Read-me of the patch for exact instructions. If you don't have this patch applied then you will see this patch appear in MOS recommended section for that target as well.

This patch fixes the performance issue that is caused by Grid control 11.1 running a metric query against the v$rman_backup_job_details view on target database instances for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( or higher. In some situations, this query might expose RDBMS bug 8434467, in which the query can run for an extended period of time, resulting in high CPU utilization.If you notice this problem, it is recommended that you apply the patches listed below, which will reduce the the frequency of the query.

Addendum by

Metalink, as of 29 June 2010, does not seem to have patch 9676134 listed. However, a search on bug 8434467 seems to suggest that not only should patch 9676134 be applied to all agents, but patches 9659466 and 9738008 should be applied to the OMS.

Further investigations are needed. Watch this space!!

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