How to Patch to October 2018 One-off JDBC Patch


When applying the DBBP patch for October last year, there were a number of steps that need to be taken which are not documented in the patch documentation. In particular, around the OJVM part. This is not a full guide on how to patch the DBBP patch, but instead just highlights how to patch the JDBC component.

Step-By-Step - High Level Steps

As you know the DBBP patch contains the DB PSU patch and the OJVM patch

  1. Apply DB PSU to Grid and the DB using OPATCHAUTO
  2. Apply the OJVM patch set to the Oracle DB Home Only – This is reasonably well documented, but it does not make it clear that you only apply it to the Oracle Home.
  3. Apply the one-off JDBC patch to the Grid Home Only – This is not documented at all in the patch documentation. It does make mention of a JDBC patch 23727148, but it doesn’t explain anything at all about it, other than it is for the GI home. For a better explanation you need to look at this document 1929745.1

Step-By-Step - Applying the one-off JDBC patch to the Grid Home Only

  1. Downloaded patch 23727148.
  2. Unzip the patch
  3. On each node in the cluster perform the following
    1. As root, unlock the grid home
      • export ORACLE_HOME=$GRID_HOME
      • $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl -I$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib -I$ORACLE_HOME/crs/install $ORACLE_HOME/crs/install/ -prepatch
    2. As oracle
      • export ORACLE_HOME=$GRID_HOME
      • cd <unzipped location>/23727148
      • /u01/app/12.1.0/grid/OPatch/opatch apply -local
    3. As root, lock the grid home
    4. export ORACLE_HOME=$GRID_HOME
    5. $ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl -I$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib -I$ORACLE_HOME/crs/install $ORACLE_HOME/crs/install/ -postpatch

The offical documentation is a little mis-leading. It can be read as shutdown the stack before unlocking the grid home. This is not required. The perl script will stop the stack. If you do stop the stack before running the perl script, then the script will fail with CRS-1159
It is worth noting that patch 23727148 is included in the OJVM patch set. So if the OJVM patchset is applied to Grid you will get this patch. However, the OJVM patchset is really only needed in the Oracle Home.
Please check with support for full details
This can be adapted for other JDBC patches too

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