Grid Control Post Implementation Configuration Guide

Background & Overview

The following documentation provides information on Grid Control 11g post installation tasks. Please note, given the size and scope of Oracle Grid Control functionality, not all task will be detailed here. However, over time, it is hoped that the most important tasks will appear. Where applicable and to add clarity, screenshot snippets have been used.

Assumptions & Pre-Requisites

This document expects and assumes the following:

  • The instructions are carried out by a qualified DBA.
  • Access to the internet is available.
  • All necessary client software, e.g. Telnet and X-Server is available.
  • Access to the Grid Control frontend is available.

Useful Information

  • None Currently.

Setting up the Proxy Server and Patching


This section assumes that the Grid Control server sits behind a firewall and does not have direct access to the Oracle support url The Step-By-Step guide explains how to set-up a manual proxy server connection to My Oracle support whilst maintaining a direct connection to the deployed Grid Control Agents.


1. From the Home page of Grid Control click on the Setup link in the top right-hand corner.


2. Click on Patching Setup link in the menu panel on the left-hand side.


3. Ensure the radio button Manual proxy configuration in the My Oracle Support Connection Setting section is selected.

4. Ensure the Patch Search URL in the My Oracle Support section is set to

5. Set the Proxy Server Host value for both HTTP and HTTPS is set to a valid proxy host.

6. Set the proxy Port to a valid proxy port.

7. Specify a Realm, Username and Password if applicable.


8. Ensure the radio button No Proxy is selected in the Agent Connection Setting section.

9. Ensure the TestURL in the Agent Connection Setting section is set to https://yourhost.yourdomain:3872emd/main/

10. Click the Test button alongside the Patch Search URL to test the connection to Oracle support.

11. Review the information message at the top of the screen to confirm the My Oracle Support connection test was successful.


12. Click the Test button alongside the Test URL in the Agent Connection Setting section to test the direct connections to the Agents.

13. Review the information message at the top of the screen to confirm the Agent connection test was successful.


14. Click Apply

Setting up the Software Library


This section details how to set-up a Grid Control software library which is used to store software binary data. A suitable and accessible directory on the OMS server should be available. In this example, /u01/app/software_library has been used.


1. Log onto the OMS server as Oracle.

2. Create the Software Library directory.

  • cd /u01/app
  • mkdir software_library
  • Using the chmod command set suitable permissions.

3. Log onto the Grid Control frontend as sysman

4. Click the Deployments tab.

5. Click on the Provisioning breadcrumb.


6. Click on the Administration link.


7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Add button under the Software Library Configuration section.

8. Set the Software Library Directory Location to /u01/app/software_library

9. Wait for Grid Control to upload the files to the Software Library. This may take a while depending on your connection speed to My Oracle Support. Once the upload is complete you will be redirected back to the administration page.

Downloading Agent Software


By default, the Grid Control Agent Software for the platform your OMS is installed on will be available to deploy to other identical platforms. For example, the OMS in these instructions is deployed on an Oracle Linux Server x86 (64-bit). Therefore, Grid Control Agent Software will be available to deploy to other Oracle Linux x86 (64-bit) platforms. However, it is highly likely that you will want to deploy Oracle Grid Control Agent Software to other types of platforms. For example, Sun Solaris, AIX, Windows etc. This section details how to download agent software to your OMS repository so that it is available to deploy via the Agent Install page of Grid Control.


1. Log onto the Grid Control frontend.

2. Click on the Deployments tab.

3. Click on the Download Agent Software link in the Agent Installation section.


4. Ensure the radio button for the agent platform and version you wish to download is selected.


5. Ensure the Default Location radio button is selected.


6. Click Download

7. At this point a job will be scheduled via the Grid Control job control system which will download the software.

8. Monitor the job be clicking on the browser refresh button. The Elapsed Time field will increase and when complete the Status field will change from Running to Succeeded. This may take some time depending on your connection speed to My Oracle Support


9. Now when you navigate to the Download Agent Software page, the Available on this OMS field will be set to true.


10. This will allow you to select the chosen platform from the drop down menu in the Hosts section of the Install Agent page.


NOTE For information on installing Grid Control Agents and the relevance of the above drop down menu see following Agent Install Guide

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