Manually Installing an 11g Grid Control Agent

Background & Overview

It is strongly recommended that you use the Grid Control frontend to install a Grid Control Agent as documented here. However, if this is not possible or there is a requirement to perform manual installs, then this guide details how to manually deploy a Grid Control Agent to an Oracle Enterprise Linux server.

If you wish to deploy a Grid Control Agent to a different platform, you will first need to download the Grid Control Agent Software from OTN.

Assumptions & Pre-Requisites

  • That you do not want to receive My Oracle Support updates
  • The server does not have direct access to the internet and instead uses a proxy server to speak with Oracle.
  • The grid control front-end cannot be used to install the agent.

Useful Information

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log onto the server where the agent is being installed.

2. Download the agent software from OTN into /u01/app/oracle/software

Gird Control Agent11g Linux Operating System (64bit) : 487,008,620 bytes; cksum - 3990071692

3. Unzip the agent software

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/software
  • unzip

4. Configure the additional_agent.rsp file

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/software/linux_x64/response
  • cp additional_agent.rsp additional_agent.bck
  • Edit the additional_agent.rsp and set the relevant variables
    • PROXY_USER=valid userid
    • PROXY_PWD=valid password
    • PROXY_PORT=proxy port
    • ORACLE_AGENT_HOME_LOCATION=/u01/app/oracle
    • OMS_HOST=oms hostname
    • OMS_PORT=4889


  • The items in blue will be specific to each individual site.
  • The ORACLE_AGENT_HOME_LOCATION is really the AGENT_BASE directory. Specifying /u01/app/oracle for the
  • ORACLE_AGENT_HOME_LOCATION will result in the agent binaries being installed in /u01/app/oracle/agent11g

5. Run the installer in silent mode

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/software/linux_x64/agent
  • ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /u01/app/oracle/software/linux_x64/response/additional_agent.rsp


  • The install must be done in silent mode. GUI mode is no longer supported for 11g Agent installs.

6. Shutdown the Agent

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/agent11g/bin
  • ./emctl stop agent

7. Get a UNIX Administrator to run the script on each host where the agent was deployed.

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/agent11g
  • ./

8. Start the Grid Agent

  • cd /u01/app/oracle/agent11g/bin
  • ./emctl start agent

Known Issues

Files in the Linux_x64 build have the wrong permissions set.

For some earlier releases of the Grid Control Agent, after unzipping the binaries some of the files have the wrong file permissions set.


  • cd /u01/app/oracle/software/linux_x64
  • chmod -R 644 *
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