How to Deinstall an Grid Control Agent.

Background & Overview

The following documentation provides instructions for deinstalling an Oracle Grid Control agent on Oracle Linux v5.

Assumptions & Pre-Requisites

This document expects and assumes the following:

  • The instructions are carried out by a qualified DBA.
  • Access to the internet is available.
  • All necessary client software, e.g. Telnet and X-Server is available.

Useful Information

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log onto the server where the agent being deinstalled resides.

2. Deinstall the agent.

  • cd $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin
    • If using the agent install guide on this site, then the $AGENT_HOME will be /u01/app/oracle/agent11g
  • ./runInstaller -deinstall -silent REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_HOME} -removeallfiles
    • NB The {} are part of the command and do need to be specified.
    • If using the agent install guide on this site, then the $AGENT_HOME will be /u01/app/oracle/agent11g
  • cd /u01/app/oracle
  • rm -rf .gcinstall_temp
  • rm agentDownload*.log

3. Remove the targets from the Grid Control frontend.

  • Select the Targets tab in the Grid Control frontend.
  • Select Hosts from the breadcrumb menu.
  • Click on the host where the agent has been deinstalled.
  • In the host window, click Targets
  • Click the Select All link to select all targets on the host.
  • Click Remove
  • On the Confirmation screen, review the targets to be removed and if happy, click Yes
  • When returned to the Targets screen for the host, click on the agent to be removed.
  • On the Agent screen select the tick box for the host and click remove
  • Click on the Targets tab.
  • Select All Targets from the breadcrumb menu.
  • Ensure the radio button for the agent to be removed is selected and click remove

Known Issues

Targets Still Exist in the Grid Control Frontend after Deinstallation

After deinstallation, some targets may still be visible within the Grid Control frontend.


This is a browser issue. Clicking on the screens refresh button will refresh the browser cache and the targets will disappear.

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