Validate a Tablespace on AWS RDS


On AWS RDS, there is no access to the server and no access to RMAN. AWS RDS does not use RMAN to backup the database. However, validations can still run using the RMAN validate commands against the database using an AWS package called rdsadmin_rman_util

Parameters to rdsamin_rman_util validate tablespace

Parameter Name Data Type Valid Values Default Required Description
p_tablespace_name varchar2 A valid tablespace name none Yes The name of the tablespace.
p_validation_type varchar2 'PHYSICAL', 'PHYSICAL+LOGICAL' 'PHYSICAL' Optional Specify 'PHYSICAL' to check for physical corruption. An example of physical corruption is a block with a mismatch in the header and footer. Specify 'PHYSICAL+LOGICAL' to check for logical inconsistencies in addition to physical corruption. An example of logical corruption is a corrupt block.
p_parallel number A valid integer between 1 and 254 1 Optional 1
p_section_size_mb number A valid integer null Optional The section size in megabytes (MB). Validates in parallel by dividing each file into the specified section size. When NULL, the parameter is ignored.
p_rman_to_dbms_output boolean TRUE, FALSE FALSE Optional When TRUE, the RMAN output is sent to the DBMS_OUTPUT package in addition to a file in the BDUMP directory. When using SQL*Plus, execute SET SERVEROUTPUT ON to see the output. When FALSE, the RMAN output is only sent to a file in the BDUMP directory.

Validate a Tablespace

-- Validate a Tablespace on AWS RDS
-- On AWS RDS you do not have access to the server or to a proper SYSDBA account.  
-- As a result you are defendant on lots of AWS RDS packages.
-- Or in some instances, you need to find new ways of achieving the same thing
exec rdsadmin.rdsadmin_rman_util.validate_tablespace(p_tablespace_name=>'MyTS')

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