Create a Custom Passthrough Function to Verify Passwords


The following explains how to create a custom passthrough function to verify passwords.

Create a Custom Password Function - Example

        p_verify_function_name => 'MyCustomPasswordFunction', 
        p_target_owner         => 'MyUser',
        p_target_function_name => 'PasswordSuperSafeFunction');

Valid Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Default Required Description
p_verify_function_name varchar2 N/A Required The name for your custom verification function. This is a wrapper function that is created for you in the SYS schema, and it doesn't contain any verification logic. You assign this function to user profiles.
p_target_owner varchar2 N/A Required The schema owner for your custom verification function.
p_target_function_name varchar2 N/A Required The name of your existing custom function that contains the verification logic. Your custom function must return a boolean. Your function should return true if the password is valid and false if the password is invalid.
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