Oracle 23c new Feature - Flashback Logs outside of the Fast Recovery Area


Prior to Oracle Database 23c, the flashback logs were stored in the FRA, along with other recovery files. This posed two main issues,

1. Managing space for all types of recovery files in a single area was a challenge at times. Manual intervention was often required to free up space in the FRA when the flashback logs saturated the disk space.
2. This disk location often contains critical high write operations. e.g archive logs and flashback logs in the same location is very common. Having such intense write operations in the same ASM disk group could make performance challenging.

Now in Oracle Database 23c, you can specify a separate location for the flashback logs

How to Specify a Separate Location for Flashback Logs

Flashback logs no ,longer need to be stored in the FRA. Instead you can use the parameter below to set the storage location of the Flashback Logs


Set this parameter to a valid location, in most cases this will be an ASM disk group.

Along, with this new parameter comes the inevitable additional parameter


Specify the size the the destination in bytes.


  • When setting DB_FLASHBACK_LOG_DEST, you must also specify DB_FLASHBACK_LOG_DEST_SIZE

Published 3rd November 2023

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