How to Rename a Pluggable Database


The following explains how to rename a container (pluggable databases).


1. Shutdown the pluggable database (PDB).

  • sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
  • SQL> shutdown pluggable database myplugdb3 close immediate;

2. Startup the PDB in restricted mode

  • sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
  • SQL> alter pluggable database myplugdb3 open restricted;

3. Rename the PDBs

  • sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
  • SQL> connect myplugdb3 as sysdba
  • SQL> alter pluggable database myplugdb3 rename global_name to myplugdb3_new;

4. Restart the PDB

  • sqlplus '/ as sysbda'
  • SQL> alter pluggable database close immediate;
  • SQL> alter pluggable database open;

That the connection to the pluggable database means the database
name does not need to be specified in the start and stop commands.

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